di Longino Contoli

(In the PATIL' s "jungle - not - jumble" *)

NEOSTANLEY: Miss Biodiversity ! Are You alive ?!

BIODIVERSITY: Yes, by definition.

N.: But, are You in danger ? Are You dyng ?

B.: Someway, I' m always in danger, but I am always running away...so, it' s very difficult that a living being could kill me...

N.: Where are You escaping to?

B.: From a level (taxonomic, structural, observational etc.) to another.

N.: How long have you been running away ?

B.: For about one and half billion years... e. g., I passed from Phyla to classes, to Orders, Families, Genera and species...from macromolecules to ecosystems...and, now, I am planning to hidden into the mankind and his niche.

N.: So, if Your enemies and supporters are not able to catch You, what do they meet of You ?

B.: Often, only my masks or my shadow; e. g., I customarily leave my shadow in the ecotones.

N.: Have You got a family ? Some relatives ?

B.: I have many nominal fathers - the last discovered was F. CESI... - conversely, I have one true father - Time - and one "big mama" that nobody want to recognize...

N.: Why ?

B.: Due to the fragmented, disciplinary and hierarchical arrangement of today science.

N.: Have You got any children ?

B.: When I meet connectance (a very sulky partner !), sometime we give birth to a baby named complexity.

N.: How are You dressed ?

B.: My suit is very polychrome, like the Harlequin' s one - perhaps, another one of my old metaphors.

N.: How is people looking for You ?

B.: Often, thanks to monochromatic telescopes or lenses, named indicators and indices.

N.: How much effective are these devices ?

B.: Not so much, because very often they are used singly; like a diamond, I have many faces: if You look only at one of them, you cannot very long see my brightness.

N.: Why they use such a reductive approach ?

B.: Because they want to see of me what they already believe to know.

N.: Do they disregard any others important devices to find You?

B.: The scales.

N.: Which is Your favourite habitat ?

B.: It' s the single, manifold functional ensemble; e. g., about Whittaker' s...enclosures, I prefer those indicated by the odd more than by the even greek letters.

N.: Where is Your favourite residence ?

B.: On a sharp cliff, at the edge of an open system and with a beautiful panorama towards a closed and isolated landscape - nearly like in the Leopardi' s poem "L' infinito".

N.: Do people know Your usual address ?

B.: Not so well; sometime they look for me at the address of dissimilarity.

N.: Which kind of people are able to meet You ?

B.: A lot of children, many artists and poets and some scientists too...

N.: Actually, how it's possible to see You ?

B.: By forgetting (for a moment, just for a moment !) my name...Like in the case of flower' s colours or symphony' s notes names.

N.: What are You offering to Your supporters ?

B.: The hope to escape from solitude.

N.: Is this Your only reality ?

B.: Of course not ! But this is no more false than the others, originated by Your inescapable human limits.

*) G. P. PATIL & coll., op. plur. and in verbis.

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